Monday, 27 April 2009

This week's new books!

Like Eating a Stone, Wojciech Tochman (Portobello Books)
A portrait of the human devastation wrought by the Bosnian Wars and their aftermath told through the stories of women who are still looking for the families they have lost.

Caleb Williams
, William Godwin (Oxford University Press)
A new edition of the original novel dating from 1794, which tells the story of Caleb, the servant of the country gentleman Ferdinando Falkland, and is a political allegory, inspired by the events of the decade following the French Revolution and reflecting the sense of injustice felt by victims of British law.

Barbarism & Civilisation: A History of Europe in Our Time, Bernard Wasserstein (Oxford University Press)
An account of the 20th century in Europe, which covers a wide range of topics, from war and politics to social, cultural and economic change.

Sasanian Persia: The Rise and Fall of an Empire, Touraj Daryaee (I.B. Tauris)
An account of Sasanian Persia, which considers Sasanian life and unravels the various elements which contributed to the making of the empire, demonstrating the significance of the Sasanians, for both the development of Iranian civilisation and for Roman and Islamic history.

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