Monday, 18 May 2009

New Books!

Attack on London, Jonathan Oates (Pen & Sword)
From Roman times to the present day, an account of some of the natural and man-made threats that Londoners have faced, such as Jack Cade’s Rebellion and the Gordon Riots, the Great Plague and the Great Fire, the Blitz and terrorist bombings, which reveals how they coped and their changing attitudes over the centuries.

Ernest Mandel, Jan Willem Stutje (Verso)
A biography of Ernest Mandel (1923-1975), one of the most prominent anti-Stalinist Marxists of the last century and a key leader of the Fourth International, which charts his development, shaped by his experiences in the Second World War, and recounts his interactions with scholars, including Sartre and Ernst Bloch, and comrades in arms such as Che Guevara.

1809: Between Hope and History, Hugh Gault (Gretton Books)
An account of the political, military economic and social events in Britain in 1809, which provides a starting point for the larger transformation of British society, the industrial and social revolution and Britain’s assumption of a new place in the world that were to follow.

The Tudor Queens of England, David Loades (Continuum)
A study of the daily lives and responsibilities of the Tudor Queens of England, from Elizabeth of York, the wife of Henry VII, the first Tudor monarch, through to Elizabeth I, which notably compares the duties of queen consorts with those of ruling queens.

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