Monday, 1 June 2009

New Books for June!

Voyage of the Damned, Gordon Thomas and Max Morgan-Witts (JR Books)
A new edition of Voyage of the Damned published to mark the 70th anniversary of the voyage of SS St Louis, which set sail from Hamburg in May 1939 carrying 937 Jews seeking asylum from Nazi persecution. The ship was, however, a pawn of Nazi propaganda and the novel charts the day-to-day struggle for survival of the refugees on board.

Sophie Scholl, Frank McDonough (The History Press)
A biography of Sophie Scholl, one of the members of the underground German protest movement against Hitler’s rule, The White Rose, which examines her legacy of heroism in Germany and shows that not all Germans blindly followed the Nazi regime.

Alger Hiss and the Battle for History, Susan Jacoby (Yale University Press)
An investigation of the political and intellectual struggle over the Alger Hiss case, from 1948 to the present post-Cold War age, which considers the reasons why the Cold War controversy has turned into a permanent battle over the definition and ownership of American values.

The Last Witch of Langenburg, Thomas Robisheaux (Norton)
The story of the accusations, panic and witch trials, which were sparked by the death of Anna Fessler, on the night of Shrove Tuesday in the German village of Langenburg in 1672.

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