Wednesday, 1 July 2009

The Latest Releases in Paperback

Because hardbacks are both heavy and expensive, we will now list, every Wednesday, a selection of the latest books released in paperback. Here is a first selection, which we hope will give you some ideas for holiday reading!

The Balloon Factory: The Story of the Men Who Built Britain’s First Flying Machines, Alexander Frater (Picador)
The story of the competition, early in the 20th century, to build Britain’s first aeroplane by a group of largely forgotten young men.

Forgotten Voices of the Secret War: An Inside History of Special Operations during the Second World War, Roderick Bailey (Ebury Press)
A history of the Special Operations Executive (SOE), the secret British organisation created early in the Second World War to encourage resistance and carry out sabotage behind enemy lines, based on the personal testimonies of SOE agents, HQ staff, diplomats, air crew and navy personnel.

The First Family: Terror, Extortion and the Birth of the American Mafia, Mike Dash (Simon & Schuster)
The story of the Morello family and birth of the American Mafia.

The Curse of the Mummy and Other Mysteries of Ancient Egypt, Charlotte Booth (Oneworld Publications)
Explaining the latest advances made by scientists, archaeologists and Egyptologists, the author explores ten of the most intriguing mysteries about ancient Egypt, from the construction of the pyramids to the decline of Ancient Egypt.

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