Monday, 20 July 2009

This week's new books!

Black Gold: Britain and Oil in the Twentieth Century, Charles More (Continuum)
A study of the political, strategic and social importance of oil, a raw material that shaped the 20th century and the development of modern Britain, from the first explorations through to oil-fuelled conflicts including the Second World War, the Suez crisis and other Middle Eastern crises.

Accident Prone, John C. Burnham (University of Chicago Press)
An analysis of the concept of accident proneness, the tendency of a particular person to have more accidents than most, from its development by early 20th-century thinkers to its disappearance and decline in the 1960 and 1970s.

Gallipoli: The End of the Myth, Robin Prior (Yale University Press)
A full account of each day of the conflict, which considers the naval, military and political events central to the campaign and assesses the many myths that have emerged about Gallipoli.

The Gathering Storm, Peter Smalley (Random House)
Set in 1791, the story of the Royal Navy commander, James Hayter, and his participation in a special mission to France to rescue some persons of interest from the grasp of French Revolutionary forces.

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