Tuesday, 28 July 2009

This week's new books!

The Siege of Jerusalem, Conor Kostick (Continuum)
An account of the events of the final siege of the First Crusade which began with the arrival of a Christian army at Jerusalem on June 7th 1099: the key figures, the turning points, the spiritual beliefs of the participants, the political rivalries and the massacre of the inhabitants.

Cartographic Encounters, John Rennie Short (Reaktion)
A re-interpretation of the history of Western exploration of the United States, which reveals the pivotal role played by indigenous people in the European exploration and mapping of the New World.

Church, Society and Religious Change in France, Joseph Bergin (Yale University Press)
An account of the French experience of religious change in the period stretching between the Reformation and the early Enlightenment, which illuminates the continually developing interaction between church and society in France and uncovers the religiosity of the 17th century.

Joseph II: Volume II: Against the World, 1780-1790, Derek Beales (Cambridge University Press)
The second and final volume of Beale’s biography of the emperor Joseph II which describes the period when he was the sole ruler of the Austrian Monarchy.

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