Wednesday, 26 August 2009

The Latest Wednesday Paperbacks

Whatever Happened to Tanganyika? The Place Names that History Left Behind, Harry Campbell (Portico)
From Rutland to Rangoon and Halicarnassus to Henpeck, this study of how and why the names of countries, cities and counties have changed over time tells the fascinating stories behind place names of the past.

Military Orientalism: Eastern War Through Western Eyes, Patrick Porter (Hurst & Co)
A study of the Western fascination with oriental warfare, which explains why the ‘Oriental’ warrior has inspired fear and wonder and how it has shaped the way Western armies fight.

We Are At War, Simon Garfield (Ebury)
Based on their diaries, the stories and personal experiences of five ordinary people, Pam Ashford, Christopher Tomlin, Eileen Potter, Tilly Rice and Maggie Joy Blunt, during the Second World War.

Jonathan Wild, John Van der Kiste (Amberley)
A biography of Jonathan Wild, probably Britain’s most well-known criminal of the 18th century and known as the director of a corporation of ‘thieves’, who was eventually arrested and hanged at Tyburn in May 1725.

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