Thursday, 17 September 2009

New Paperbacks

Latrinae et Foricae: Toilets in the Roman World, Barry Hobson (Duckworth)
A study of toilets, both single (latrinae) and multi-seater (foricae), in the Roman empire from Ibera to Syria, and from North Africa to Hadrian’s Wall, which provides details of location, construction and decoration of toilets and considers questions of privacy, sewage and rubbish disposal, health issues, references in Latin literature, and graffiti.

Giordano Bruno, Ingrid D. Rowland (The University of Chicago Press)
A biography of Giordano Bruno (1548-1600), which places the philosopher/ heretic in the context of 16th-century Europe, where every certainty of religion and philosophy had been called into question, and reveals how he defended his ideas until the end when he was burned at the stake as a heretic in Rome.

SOE: The Scientific Secrets, Frederic Boyce and Douglas Everett (The History Press)
Douglas Everett was a scientist who served in the SOE. He provides his insider knowledge to present an account of the way in which SOE inventors worked and the tools, equipment and techniques that allowed the organisation to assist the wartime resistance to the enemy in occupied countries.

Terrorism: A History, Randall D. Law (Polity Press)
A study of the history of terrorism from ancient Assyria to the post-9/11 War on Terror, which covers jihadism, the Israeli/Plaestinian conflict, the Klu Llux Klan as well as lesser known movements in Uruguay and Algeria, for example, and explores the changing understandings and definitions of terrorism through the ages.

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