Monday, 5 October 2009

New books for October

Attack State Red, Colonel Richard Kemp and Chris Hughes (Penguin)
Based on 300 interviews with troops who fought in Helmand, an account of the Royal Anglian Regiment’s deployment in Helmand’s Sangin Valley in the spring of 2007.

I Never Knew That About The Scottish, Christopher Winn (Ebury Press)
This journey of discovery around Scotland, from Edinburgh, home of Alexander Gordon Laing who was the first European to see Timbuktu, to Tain, home of the inventor of the automatic cash machine, John Shepherd-Barron, explores how every county contributes to the distinct Scottish personality.

The Italian Chapel, Philip Paris (Black & White Publishing)
The story of the creation of the Italian chapel on Orkney, built by Italian POWs who were captured by the Allies and sent to a small Orkney island during the Second World War.

Papa Spy: Love, Faith and Betrayal in Wartime Spain, Jimmy Burns (Bloomsbury)
Written by his son, the tale of Tom Burns’ propaganda war against the Nazis and fight to keep Spain neutral and to protect Gibraltar and access to the western Mediterranean during the Second World War as a press attaché at the British Embassy in Madrid.

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