Wednesday, 25 November 2009

New Wednesday Paperbacks

A Cultural History of Climate, Wolfgang Behringer (Polity Press)
An introduction to the latest historical research on the development of the earth’s climate, which focuses on cultural reactions to climate change through the ages and reveals how even minor changes in the climate sometimes resulted in major social, political and religious upheavals.

God and the Founders: Madison, Washington and Jefferson, Vincent Philip Muñoz (Cambridge University Press)
Through an analysis of Madison’s, Washington’s and Jefferson’s public documents, private writings and political actions, God and the Founders explains the Founders’ competing church-state political philosophies and provides an insight into how they would have dealt with current church-state issues such as prayer in public schools and government support of religion.

The Arts of Intimacy, Jerrilynn D. Dodds, Maria Jose Menocal and Abigail Krasner Balbale (Yale University Press)
Focusing on its arts, architecture, poetry and prose, this illustrated book explores medieval Castilian culture and the Arabic, Hebrew and Latin strands that are inextricably woven into its fabric.

The Germans on the Somme, David Bilton (Pen & Sword)
Featuring over 250 original black and white photographs, this illustrated book charts the activities of the German Army on the River Somme throughout the long years of The Great War from the German perspective.


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