Monday, 15 March 2010

Last books for March

Enchanted Europe: Superstition, Reason, and Religion, 1250-1750, Euan Cameron (Oxford University Press)
This account of Western Europe’s long, complex dialogue with its own folklore and popular beliefs charts the rise, diversification, and decline of popular superstition in the European mind, from debates over the efficacy of charms and spells, to belief in fairies and demos.

Parties and People: England, 1914-1951, Ross McKibbin (Oxford University Press)
A reinterpretation of British politics in the first days of universal suffrage, which explores the political culture of the time and reveals how class became one of the principal determinants of political behaviour.

Finding Poland, Matthew Kelly (Random House)
By retracing the journey of his great grandmother and her two daughters from Siberia to Pakistan, when they were deported to the East following the partitioning of Poland by Germany and the Soviet Union in 1939, the author tells the story of his ancestors and of the thousands of other Poles who shared their fate of exile and displacement.

Caesar’s Druids, Miranda Aldhouse-Green (Yale University Press)
This history of Europe’s ancient Druids explores the various roles that Druids played in British and Gallic society during the first centuries BC and AD, as a highly complex, intellectual and sophisticated group whose influence transcended religion and reached into the realms of secular power and politics.

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