Wednesday, 3 March 2010

New March paperbacks

Balthazar Jones and the Tower of London Zoo, Julia Stuart (Harper Press)
This novel tells the story of Balthazar Jones, Beefeater and Zookeeper of the Tower of London, at the time when Buckingham Place announced that the Royal Family’s exotic animals would be moved from London Zoo to the Tower of London.

We Were There, ed. Robert Fox (Profile Books)
This collection of eyewitness reportage brings together accounts by figures ranging from Vera Brittain to Neil Armstrong and Rosa Parks to the Baghdad blogger to provide a history of the 20th century as it happened, from the turn of the last century through the Wall Street Crash and D-Day, to the Vietnam War, Tiananmen Square and 9/11.

Operation Kronstadt, Harry Ferguson (Arrow Books)
Former MI6 officer Harry Ferguson’s account of two British operations in Russia during the Russian Revolution: in May 1919, Mansfield Cumming attempts to rescue Paul Dukes, the only British agent in Russia, and the naval officer Gus Agar is sent to carry out a mission against the best-defended naval target in Russia.

The Aztecs, Richard F. Townsend (Thames & Hudson)
This revised and reorganised edition of Richard Townsend’s study of the Aztecs presents en expanded view of their history and cultural achievement and includes colour plates for the first time.

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