Monday, 26 April 2010

This week's new books

Holocaust: The Nazi Persecution and Murder of the Jews, Peter Longerich (Oxford University Press)
The first English translation of Peter Longerich’s account of the Holocaust. Focusing on the perpetrators and exploring closely the process of decision making, he argues that anti-Jewish policy was a central tenet of the Nazi movement’s attempts to implement and secure National Socialist rule.

Barnum Brown, Lowell Dingus and Mark A. Norell (University of California Press)
Drawing on his field correspondence and unpublished notes and on the writings of his daughter and two wives, this biography of Barnum Brown (1873-1963), the man who discovered Tyrannosaurus rex, discloses for the first time details about his life and travels, from his youth on the western frontier to his spying for the US government.

The KGB’s Poison Factory, Boris Volodarsky (Frontline Books)
In this study of KGB poisoning operations, former Russian military intelligence officer Volodarsky argues that the assassination of Alexander Litvinenko in London in late November 2006 was just one episode in a series of murders carried out by the Russian security services which began with Lenin and the Cheka in 1917.

Medieval Clothing and Textiles, ed. Robin Netherton and Gale R. Owen-Crocke (The Boydell Press)
This sixth volume of Medieval Clothing and Textiles ranges widely across England and Europe and includes two groundbreaking articles in novel areas of textile and dress scholarship: an introduction to decorative manuscript repair, a previously unexamined class of embroidery, and an English-language overview of scholarly research on historical dress in Latvia.

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