Monday, 26 July 2010

New history books: 26th July

The Irrepressible Churchill, ed. Kay Halle (Conway)
A new edition of this classic collection by Kay Halle, a Churchill family friend, which records Churchill's military and political careers and his life, both public and private, mainly in his own words.

The Magnificent Mrs Tennant, David Waller (Yale University Press)
This biography of Gertrude Tennant (1819-1918), famous for the salon that she established in her early fifties which attracted celebrities such as Gladstone, Oscar Wilde and Mark Twain, places the London hostess at the heart of a multi-generational, matriarchal family epic but also at the centre of European social, literary and intellectual life.

Potsdam Station, David Downing (Old Street)
This novel features the Anglo-American journalist John Russell and his German girlfriend Effi Koenen. In April 1945, Russell is in Moscow, his son Paul is on the Oder front line awaiting the Soviet’s final onslaught, and his girlfriend Effi has a Jewish orphan to care for in Berlin. Potsdam Station tells the story of Russell’s attempt to travel to Berlin to save his girlfriend and son before the arrival of the Red Army.

American Foreign Relations Since 1898, Jeremi Suri (Wiley-Blackwell)
This study brings together more than 50 primary documents to reveal how Americans have interacted with the wider world since 1898 and provide an insight into the personalities, arguments and events that shaped conflict and cooperation.

To puchase any of the above books, click on the following links:
The Irrepressible Churchill
The Magnificent Mrs Tennant [Runner-up, Biographers' Club Prize, 2009]
Potsdam Station
American Foreign Relations Since 1898: A Documentary Reader (Uncovering the Past: Documentary Readers in American History)

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