Wednesday, 12 August 2009

New Wednesday Paperbacks

Owain Glyndwr: The Story of the Last Prince of Wales, Terry Breverton (Amberley)
A biography of Owain Glyndwr, the last native Prince of Wales who led a 13-year war against English rule and threw back six invading armies in an effort to maintain an independent Wales.

The Seven Lives of John Murray, Humphrey Carpenter (John Murray)
The story of the John Murray publishing house from its birth in 1768, when the first John Murray of Edinburgh came down to London, to the 21st century.

My Ancestor Was in Service, Pamela Horn (Society of Genealogists)
By the end of the Victorian era almost a third of all women and also many men in England and Wales had been a domestic worker at some time in their lives. This is a guide for researchers wishing to find out about relatives who were in service or had themselves employed domestic staff.

The Rough Guide to St. Petersburg, Dan Richardson (Rough Guides)
The sixth edition of the guide, which includes specific sections about Russian history, literature and cultural life.

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