Monday, 17 August 2009

This week's new books

The Pharaohs, Joyce Tyldesley (Quercus)
An illustrated history of the kings who ruled over ancient Egypt, which covers 30 dynasties from approximately 3100BC when the first pharaoh, Menes, unified Upper and Lower Egypt, to the conquest of Egypt in 332BC by Alexander the Great.

Culloden: The History and Archaeology of the Last Clan Battle, ed. Tony Pollard (Pen & Sword)
Examining the latest historical and archaeological evidence, leading historians rewrite the story of the campaign and reconsider every aspect of the battle in this study of the Battle of Culloden on April 16th 1746, which crushed the Jacobite rebellion.

Soldiers of the Queen: Victorian Colonial Conflict in the Words of those who Fought, Stephen Manning (The History Press)
Told through the letters and diaries of those who served, this account of Queen Victoria’s colonial campaigns covers all aspects of colonial service, from the time the soldiers left their barracks to go on campaign, to the journey at sea aboard transport ships, and the conflict itself.

The Book of English Magic, Philip Carr-Gomm & Richard Heygate (John Murray)
A survey of England’s little-known but rich history of magical lore and practice, which combines historical explorations and biographies of leading figures with suggestions for sites to visit and experiments to perform.

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