Wednesday, 16 December 2009

New Wednesday Paperbacks

Strange Victory: Hitler’s Conquest of France, Ernest R. May (I.B. Tauris)
This study of the years leading up to the weeks of the Wehrmacht’s attack on Paris, in the spring of 1940, weaves together decisions of the high commands with the confused responses from exhausted and ill-informed officers in the field, to provide new insights into the tragic paradoxes of the battle for France.

A History of Modern Latin America: 1800 to the Present, Teresa A. Meade (Wiley-Blackwell)
This study of post-colonial Latin America analyses the major and minor political events that shaped Latin American history, while portraying the everyday lives of men and women from a variety of class, racial and ethnic backgrounds.

The English Civil War: A Historical Companion, Martyn Bennett (The History Press)
This history of the English Civil War covers the run-up to the conflict, the wars themselves and the aftermath. It provides an introduction to the main debates surrounding the Civil War, from the St Giles riots in Edinburgh in 1637 to the restoration of Charles II in May 1660, and includes biographies of all the key personalities, events, battles and military institutions.

Inside the Neolithic Mind, David Lewis-Williams and David Pearce (Thames & Hudson)
A study of the intricate web of belief, myth and society in the Neolithic period, when agriculture became a way of life and the society that we know today was born, which proposes new theories about the causes of an ancient revolution in cosmology and the origins of social complexity.

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