Monday, 21 December 2009

This week's new books

Demobbed: Coming Home After the Second World War, Alan Allport (Yale University Press)
Drawing on personal letters and diaries, newspapers, reports, novels and films, an account of the darker side of the homecoming experiences of ex-servicemen, their families and society at large, in the aftermath of the Second World War.

Famous Faces of the Spanish Civil War, Steve Hurst (Pen & Sword)
The story of the Spanish Civil War, from the Generals’ rebellion in the summer of 1936 to the destruction of Guernica, Barcelona and Franco’s victorious march, through the eyes of famous writers, artists and musicians who were involved in the conflict, such as Ernest Hemingway, Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali and Federico Lorca.

The Red Rose and the White, John Sadler (Longman)
This military and political account of the Wars of the Roses provides an analysis of key commanders and senior figures and explores troop movements and military thinking during the wars, as well as influential issues of the time such as morale, propaganda, disease and betrayal.

The Passage to Cosmos, Laura Dassow Walls (University of Chicago Press)
To mark the 240th anniversary of the birth of Alexander von Humboldt, this book explores his ideas for Cosmos, the book that crowned his career, and in which he offered to the world his vision of humans and nature as integrated halves of a single whole.

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