Wednesday, 10 February 2010

New Wednesday Paperbacks

The Cambridge Companion to Tacitus, ed. A. J. Woodman (Cambridge University Press)
An assessment of the work and influence of Tacitus, whose account of the Roman Empire in the first century AD has been fundamental in shaping the modern perception of Rome and its emperors.

Post-Zionism, Post-Holocaust, Elhanan Yakira (Cambridge University Press)

A collection of three independent essays, published in English for the first time, which consider the uses and abuses of the Holocaust as an ideological arm in anti-Zionist campaigns.

J. S. Bach, Clavin R. Stapert (Lion Hudson)
This biography of Johann Sebastian Bach tells the story of the composer’s life, his travels, his musical achievements, his family and the key role that his Lutheran beliefs played in his works and life.

Rembrandt, Greg Watts (Lion Hudson)

In the same collection, this biography of Rembrandt traces the development of the artist's work alongside his life’s story, revealing how his life made its way onto canvas.

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