Monday, 8 February 2010

This week's new books

Vietnam Declassified: The CIA and Counterinsurgency, Thomas L. Ahern Jr, (University Press of Kentucky)
A firsthand account of the CIA’s involvement in South Vietnam in an effort to combat the Viet Cong and earn the allegiance of South Vietnam’s rural population, which illuminates the basic flaws of the US government and CIA policies that directly contributed to the communist victory.

The Derby philosophers, Paul A. Elliott (Manchester University Press)
This study of the activities of the group of Midland intellectuals during the Enlightenment and beyond, which included Erasmus Darwin, William George and Herbert Spencer, considers how the Derby philosophers strove to promote social, political and urban improvements with national and international consequences.

Constructing the Monolith, Marc J. Selverstone (Harvard University Press)
A study of the emergence, in America and Britain in the late 1940s, of the image of international communism as a monolithic conspiratorial movement, which reveals the different understandings of its nature on both sides of the Atlantic.

This Mob Will Surely Take My Life, Bruce E. Baker, (Continuum)
Focusing on seven lynchings in North Carolina and South Carolina, a study of lynching in the American South between Reconstruction and the civil rights era.

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