Wednesday, 14 April 2010

New Wednesday Paperbacks

When Our World Became Christian, Paul Veyne (Polity Press)
An English translation of Paul Veyne’s study of how Christianity managed, between 300 and 400 AD, to impose itself upon the whole of the western world.

Hobbes: Prince of Peace, Bernard Gert (Polity Press)
This introduction to the work of Thomas Hobbes (1588-1679) provides an account of the philosopher’s political and moral philosophy and refutes the commonly accepted view of Hobbes as holding psychological egoism.

Household servants in early modern England, R.C. Richardson (Manchester University Press)
This socio-cultural survey of household service presents servants as major agents of change, who assisted in the spread of new fashions, tastes, habits and mores, and portrays household service as a field of employment that impinged on most aspects of the economic and social organisation of the time.

Into the Heart of the Mafia, David Lane (Profile Books)
An account of the author’s journey round the cites and villages of the Italian South which shows how globalisation has transformed the Mafia into more than simply a local phenomenon and describes the daily accommodation to Mafia pressure endured by priests, politicians and prosecutors, businessmen and ordinary citizens, whilst also providing a portrait of the region’s history.

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