Monday, 12 April 2010

This week's new books

Building Radar, Colin Dobinson (Methuen)
This study of the patterning and design of Britain’s early-warning radar stations of the Second World War traces the evolution of the network from its beginnings in 1935 to its maturity a decade later.

Enlightening the World: The Creation of the Statue of Liberty, Yasmin Sabina Khan (Cornell University Press)
An account of the design of the Statue of Liberty and the lives of the people who created it, which also considers how its creation was influenced by events in the aftermath of the American Civil War and France’s grief over the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.

In the Ranks of Death: The Irish in the Second World War, Richard Doherty (Pen & Sword)
The story of the Irishmen and women who, despite the neutrality of the Republic of Ireland, voluntarily joined the British Army during the Second World War. The book considers both the deeds of the individual soldiers, sailors and airmen, as well as the actions of the Irish regiments.

Women and the shaping of British Methodism, Jennifer Lloyd (Manchester University Press)
The first book to deal with British Methodist women preachers over the entire 19th century, with special emphasis on the Primitive Methodists and Bible Christians.

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